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Humanistic Counselling For Improved Well-being

Life can be very stressful.

Without any added problems, life itself can simply be stressful. Many adults have also suffered through a difficult or traumatic childhood or adolescence. Some people have been victims of trauma or abuse. Life events can overwhelm our coping mechanisms, often resulting in depression, anxiety or low self-esteem. A change in circumstances, such as a relationship failure, work or study stress, personal injury, loss of income, divorce, illness or death of a close friend or family member, can create circumstances that simply overwhelm an individual.

Improved well-being

Humanistic counselling is a method of helping a person regain balance and stability in their life through the method of talk therapy. If you feel overwhelmed by life, for whatever reason, then perhaps talking with a trained counsellor can help you re-establish balance and stability in your life, and take you from a painful emotional/psychological state to one where you feel calm, confident and positive about yourself and life in general. That is the aim of my counselling. My goal is to take my clients from a troubled emotional state to a state of improved and sustainable well-being. Sometimes, with counselling, this can happen very quickly. Other times it requires patience and commitment. But I deeply believe everyone can achieve a sense of well-being and self-worth that makes living life an effort of love rather than a daily struggle.