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Who Am I

I am a trained, experienced and accredited counsellor. I am not a psychologist or a psychiatrist. I do not diagnose my clients or prescribe medication. I began my counselling career in 2010, as a volunteer counsellor on a crisis hotline.

Currently, I perform counselling for a full range of emotional and psychological issues. As part of my training, I have performed many hours of supervised counselling. As a professional, I have performed thousands of hours of counselling dealing with a wide range of emotional issues and working with a diverse group of adult men, women and couples.

I opened my own office in Kadriorg in 2018. My counselling space is comfortable, cosy and designed to provide a sense of safety and privacy. I work independently, though I do rely on several experienced counsellors to oversee my work, provide feedback, and assist me in my own counselling needs in order to maintain balance and objectivity.

I have completed extensive counselling with persons struggling with alcohol and have a number of special certifications for counselling in the area of alcohol abuse and Alcohol Use Disorder.

My Education

I began working as a volunteer counsellor in 2010. For the first three years, I acted as a responder for an online crisis hotline. In that time, I interacted with hundreds of people, all over the world, in a supervised environment, dealing with a range of issues including alcohol and drug addiction, self-harm, suicidal ideation, depression, anxiety, etc. During this time I also began working, one on one, with others experiencing problems with alcohol and addiction. After hundreds of hours of volunteer work, I began pursuing a more traditional counselling education. I currently hold a Bachelor’s degree, as well as an advanced diploma in Counselling and Psychology. I hold certificates in Counselling Practice and Psychotherapy. I am also certified separately in addictions counselling. I have received specialized training in opioid abuse and recovery, as well as addictions management. I am an accredited member of the ACCPH.

1987 California State University Northridge
• USA Bachelor of Arts in Media (Cum Laude)

2017-2018 International Career Institute
• UK Advanced diploma of Counselling and Psychology

2018-2019 Seoul National University
• Certificate in Counselling and psychotherapy theory
• Certificate in Counselling practice and research
• Doctor Changdai Kim/Program Head

Additional certifications

2017 HarvardX • USA
OpioidX: the Opioid Crisis in America

2017 Online Counselling College • Canada
Certificate in Addictions Counselling

2020 The University of Adelaide • Australia
Certificate in Addiction Management

2018-2019 Seoul National University
• Certificate in Counselling and psychotherapy theory
• Certificate in Counselling practice and research
• Doctor Changdai Kim/Program Head

Together with the Tallinn Social and Health Board, I offer activities in the framework of the ISTE project (Implementation of the Person-Centred Special Welfare Service Model).

More information can be found here:

My Background

I am an American from Los Angeles that came to Estonia as a backpacker in the 1990’s. I have been an entrepreneur all of my life. I have been involved in consulting, film making, marketing, the bar and restaurant sector, historical exhibitions, design, writing, editing and publishing. I speak Estonian, and though my Estonian teacher says I am fluent, many times it doesn’t feel that way. At present I am not counselling in the Estonian language. Counselling involves such subtle cues in language that I don’t yet feel competent enough in Estonian to use it in counselling.

For me, working with someone and watching them grow and heal and find purpose in life, where before it was missing, is an experience like no other. Perhaps, working together, we can find a better way for you to go forward that gives you purpose, balance and a sense of self-validation.

Client Feedback


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“I am extremely grateful to have the safe, supportive and authentic space in sessions with William. His approach, humble and humane, makes it easy to see my true self and accept it, work on it, and shape it in the kindest way. I trust that this process is helping me to build new ways of living and thinking, which make the challenges of life less painful and more meaningful.”

- ES


“Working with William has been one of the best things that ever happened in my life. With his help and guidance, I learned skills and concepts that helped me turn my life around. I am a happier and much more secure person after working with William than I was before.”

- EF


"William was exceptional in helping me clarify and start addressing personal challenges I felt were blocking my development as an entrepreneur. The discovery process was uncompromising, but I was always in control with William supporting and guiding the journey. I'm now clearer as to where I am going and have the tools to address these challenges whenever they appear."

- CC


“William has helped me a lot with my personal struggles and really given me new perspective on how to handle things that are out of control. A weight has been lifted from my shoulders! “

- CW


“Highly recommended. William offers the right balance of theoretical and practical and is extremely knowledgeable on the various areas I wanted to explore. I felt I could fully trust William from the moment we met, which says it all, really. I wish I'd started visiting him sooner. “

- PM


“My experience with William has been positive. His communication was clear and empathetic, making me feel listened and understood. He was always available when I needed him and respected my privacy. My well-being has improved thanks to his support.“

- VL


“William has a thirst for life and for living that is rare and precious and I found it infectious. Because I don’t live in Tallinn we Skyped once a week, through what were the very darkest days of my life. He is a gifted listener, an empathetic ally, a completely non-judgemental counsellor. He has a keen eye for seeing straight into the heart of a problem and for seeing a solution.”

- AC


“With William's help I got tools to use to make growing as an everyday habit. During our sessions I felt very supported, heard, seen and understood. Not everyone has what it takes to come with you and be present when you share your heavy feelings. I am thankful for his caring and patience - describing all the same tools over and over again, reflecting my repetitive rabbit holes. I am thankful for the safe space he created and the time he took sometimes also on the weekends.”

- LC


“William takes the time to get to know you well enough to not only listen to WHAT you’re saying but also to understand WHY you are saying it which is often more important in actually solving the problem. I would say that empathy is a very strong suit of his and he leverages this skill very well. This empathy, along with years of experience and different techniques of addressing issues and helping you understand yourself better, allows him to help you find the answers, maybe not that you thought you’re looking or that you wanted to hear but that will help you be happier with your life. Highly, Highly Recommended”

- JE


“In couples counselling, William applies the same empathetic approach to both partners. He is experienced enough and just seems to have the right brain wiring to understand both people so well as to be able to translate one partner's need to another in a way that promotes empathy and understanding. Understanding your partners needs and wants, but from their point of view, makes it a lot easier to bridge gaps or resolve long time issues that don’t seem to have an end.”

- EJ


“In my experience with counselling, its not William himself who solves your problems. The best way I could describe it is that he helps you learn how to teach yourself how to solve your own problems and by doing that you also learn to recognise things that would have become problems and stop them before they grow so big that you go looking for a counsellor to help solve them. Kind of like teaching a man to fish instead of just giving him a fish. Highly Recommended.”

- JK


“Working together with William has shown me things about myself and how I interface with the world that I wasn’t even aware of. I found myself avoiding my troubles by hiding behind an anxious addiction to nicotine and alcohol, where William coached me through integrating into my new sober life. Our visits have completely changed my relationship between my Work/Life balance, and I’ve found my career is more enjoyable. His conversation and counseling style is honest and to the point. Through this: I have a new found emotional independence that I never knew I could achieve without the use of medication; yet here I am, still me, but feeling brand new.”

- AH


"From the first moment, I noticed something with William I had never experienced before in my lifelong journey. It felt genuine. Through my darkness his voice kept compelling me to not only survive, but to start living. I can sincerely say I'm not the same man and the human being I am now could have not existed without him. It's as simple as that."

- NA


"I am extremely grateful to have found William’s help at a difficult time in my life. His approach is one of humility and sincerity where you feel completely listened to and cared for as a fellow human. William draws on a vast knowledge of psychology and philosophy and the insights and tools he introduced have become essential supporting parts of a more stable and peaceful sense of self. His help and guidance has been truly transformative, helping set me in a new and vastly more positive direction. I thoroughly recommend his services!"

- TH

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Ensō-About my logo

Ensō is an ancient and revered symbol from the Zen school of Buddhism. The practice of drawing the Ensō, with a single brush stroke, is both an artistic and meditative practice in Zen Buddhism. The Kanji symbols that form the word Ensō in Japanese translate directly as circle of togetherness. This simple, elegant, beautiful, hand-painted circle is never the same twice, and in every example expresses deep and subtle meaning. Its form embraces the idea of beginning and ending; of perfection in imperfection; of individuality and unity at once. With the circle comes outer form and boundary. The inner void suggests emptiness, as well as infinite potential. The curve reveals movement, and where end meets beginning is the promise inherent in completion. Ensō has long been associated with eternal forms and ideas;

the universe, infinity, strength, simplicity, the moon, elegance, possibility, hope, freedom, the cycle of life, perfection, imperfection, emptiness, all, nothing, enlightenment.

For me, Ensō is a beautiful symbol for a human being;

Each one of us unique;

Imperfect, and yet, somehow, perfect;

incomplete, but ripe with potential;

simple and also complex;

a work of art never really completed,

and yet, truly beautiful,

and, in every case, enough.