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What Is My Specific
Counselling Approach?

Humanistic and Supportive

My approach utilizes both directive and non-directive counselling techniques personalized for each particular client’s needs. Every client is different and comes to counselling with a unique set of emotional challenges. I work in collaboration with my clients, as their strong supporter, as we explore the client’s psychological and emotional issues. Using a variety of techniques common to talk therapy including cognitive behavioral therapy, client-centered therapy and mindfulness; together, we go through the issues a client is facing. We will analyse the existing methods a client utilizes to deal with these issues. I attempt to help my clients see problematic issues more clearly and, perhaps, from a new perspective. I also try to offer solutions. I do not push a particular course of action, but rather work together with the client to find a path forward that the client is suited for, interested in and ready to try. And I do not judge my clients. Ever.


My approach focuses on finding a sustainable solution for the client’s problems. From the beginning, we will work together to clearly define the issue and the desired counselling outcome. My aim is to help my clients move from a troubled state to an improved, healthy and balanced state in relation to their problem. We will attempt to make these changes in the most reasonable time possible. In some cases, it is necessary to go back through past experiences to get to the root of the problem. At other times, it is best to just move forward, finding new ways of dealing with life that are unencumbered by negative past experiences or learned destructive thinking and behaviour. In all cases, we work together to find a personalized solution for your specific life circumstances and counselling goals.


As we work together, we will set certain goals upon which we can judge our progress. At times these goals may be met very quickly. It is also possible that the goals take some time to reach. Emotional/psychological issues can be very complicated and deeply rooted in a person’s history and present life circumstances. In some cases, a more long-term approach may be necessary to bring about the desired changes in thinking and behaviour. In every case, it is important that we understand, clearly, what it is we are working towards. In that way we can judge our progress as we move forward in the counselling relationship.